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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fee Collect check boxes not on EF Info

Problem: The Solution Center shows your CID is setup for Fee Collect.  Inside the software, the Bank Manager shows Enrolled,  but the Fee Collect check boxes for refund are not on the EF Info form.

If you’ve verified that the Enrollment Manager is correctly showing the enrolled status, please do the following:
1.       Open the return.
2.       Click “Preparer/ERO” button in the toolbar.
3.       Select the ERO appropriate for the return. DO NOT select No Change as this will not push updated data. Click OK.
a.       Also, make sure you are selecting the ERO not the Preparer. Enrollments are by EFIN which are only associate with an ERO.
4.       This will re-push enrollment data from the Enrollment Manager to the forms.
5.       You may have to do this for any return where ERO information was entered on the return BEFORE the enrollment data was available in the Enrollment Manager.
If Enrollment Manager isn’t showing the updated status, simply click “Update Enrollment” from within the Enrollment Manager to get updated enrollment information from the EFC.

Access the Preparer/ERO button and select the ERO to enter on the form. This will push the data down to the form.